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DMTx (Extended-State DMT Program)

DMTx is based on the cutting edge pharmacokinetic research of Dr. Andrew Gallimore and the revolutionary DMT research of Dr. Rick Strassman.
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The DMTx program is excited to work with Noonautics on the world’s first community-funded search for intelligence utilizing Extended-State DMT.

Many of the most perplexing questions we have about the nature of reality, consciousness, and what may exist beyond what we currently know are drastically accentuated whenever N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is consumed. DMT consistently elicits what is often described as a “more real than real” otherworldly experience, leaving the journeyer with a profound sense of awe and wonder. Many people report significant encounters with hyper-realistic entities and beings that seem alive, aware, intelligent, and infinitely complex.

In the largest survey study to date on the subjective effects of entity encounters occasioned by DMT, 80% of respondents reported the experience shifted their fundamental understanding of reality, more than half of those who identified as atheists no longer did so, and the experiences were rated as one the most meaningful experiences in life with stable positive changes felt afterwards.

In the 1990s, Dr. Rick Strassman woke up the world by reigniting the psychedelic revolution through his research on DMT, which he aptly named the “Spirit Molecule” because of its radical capacity to alter our perceptions of reality, our own identity, and the molecule’s apparent application in helping humans transition through death into a realm beyond.

DMTx revisits Dr. Strassman’s initial expeditions into DMT in a way that stabilizes and extends the experience through the use of advanced medical technology. The DMTx program is inspired by a new pharmacokinetic model developed by Dr. Andrew Gallimore in collaboration with Dr. Strassman, and based on Dr. Strassman’s original study data.

Dr. Gallimore proposed that pure DMT experiences could be safely extended and stabilized, possibly indefinitely, because of the unique characteristics of the medicine. 

“Using pharmacokinetic modeling and DMT blood sampling data, we demonstrate that the unique pharmacological characteristics of DMT, which also include a rapid onset and lack of acute tolerance to its subjective effects, make it amenable to administration by target-controlled intravenous infusion.”

“Simulations of our model demonstrate that this approach will allow research subjects to be induced into a stable and prolonged DMT experience, making it possible to carefully observe its psychological contents, and provide more extensive accounts for subsequent analyses.”

“The successful demonstration of this model would provide a valuable tool in determining the role of DMT in normal and altered states of consciousness, and have broad psycho-heuristic, functional imaging, and clinical applicability.”

With this new application, our DMTx team believes we can design safe experiences to make stable contact with these other realities and the entities that appear to exist independently from us. The purpose of these expeditions is to determine if these encounters are useful in some way, specifically in advanced technological innovation, ecological problem-solving, and in helping shift global consciousness to address our plethora of planetary challenges.

The first expedition of DMTx will be to test the protocol’s efficacy to create safe and consistent Extended-State DMT breakthroughs, followed by a subsequent expedition to attempt to make and maintain contact with interdimensional beings.

DMTx needs your help to get their initial expeditions off the ground. Our initial donors will be contributing to a mission we believe can change the world, and every dollar you donate will be cherished in helping DMTx bring these expeditions to as many people as possible.

About The Expedition

These expeditions will be designed to create an experience where expert psychonauts trained in advanced psychedelic journeying techniques will be placed in a stable, breakthrough DMT state in a way that they will be able to simultaneously converse with the team (on Earth) and with these seemingly otherworldly beings. These interactions will be filmed, transcribed, and monitored by a sober lab team which will attempt to investigate the nature of these experiences as the psychonauts mediate dialogue between the lab team and encountered entities.

The DMTx team will develop a protocol from our initial tests with the goal of objectively validating the true nature of these experiences. Regardless of the findings, DMTx seeks to continually explore how these encounters and journeys can be harnessed for life affirming technology development and complex creative problem solving.

In a Universe with fundamental questions left unanswered, continually emerging global crises, and a psychedelic renaissance underway, it is clear that the mysterious experiences induced by DMT must be explored with the cutting edge technologies available to us. It appears that humanity is on the verge of paradigm shifting discoveries once we integrate psychedelics and technology, creating a consistent method of interdimensional inquiry for our planet’s brightest minds. For the sake of bettering our planet, DMTx invites you to help us build this pathway to other worlds.

While we have already solved many of the logistical hurdles for an Extended-State DMT experience, many questions remain, including technical legal questions involved in a practice that combines an ancient spiritual sacrament with a novel application of advanced medical technology to administer it.

We already have a location (to be announced later) that will legally allow these expeditions. Right now, our team consists of about 20 professionals and continues to grow.

The funds raised through Noonautics will support the DMTx program by providing the necessary resources to fund additional preliminary research and the expedition itself:

  • The development of additional DMTx administration and safety protocols through expert professionals.
  • The completion of a full legal review and the creation of informed consent documents for the team, the psychonauts, and all program stakeholders.
  • To pay expert team members (guides, medical professionals, EEG technician and technical artist)
  • To purchase equipment to film the expedition for a future feature-length documentary revealing all our initial efforts and explorations to create this program.

By donating, you will help the next wave of psychedelic exploration begin. DMTx aims to finally bridge a gap that many of us sense exists but haven’t had the words or the ability to describe. Your donations will help us test our methodology and optimize delivery in order to launch a steady stream of expeditions into higher realms of consciousness. To say we have big plans for our project would be an understatement, and we hope that you share the same curiosity to explore the nature of reality through Extended-State DMT.

The DMTx psychonaut training program is currently recruiting new psychonauts in preparation for future expeditions. Please visit www.dmtx.org for additional information.

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What is DMT?

DMT or N,N-dimethyltryptamine is known as the most “powerful” psychedelic on the planet. One of the many reasons it has earned the nickname, “The Spirit Molecule”.

Why target-controlled intravenous infusion?

A controlled infusion of DMT allows for greater agency and safety around: onset, intensity, duration, and abort mechanisms.

Where does my money actually go?

After a small fee is provided to Noonautics to help manage our fiscal sponsorship, all funds are sent to the Medicinal Mindfulness Center for Psychedelics, Spirituality and Ecology DMTx Research fund and are only used to support research and accessibility of the DMTx program.

What percentage of my donation goes towards the DMTx program?

– 95% of your donation is contributed directly to the DMTx program. 5% is allocated to the Noonautics non profit platform to help bring more visions like this to reality. 

Why DMT?

Naturally occurring DMT appears in nearly every ecosystem on earth and more importantly DMT has been hypothesized to be endogenous to mammalis. In other words, it’s everywhere and most importantly it’s powerful. So powerful that recent studies have shown correlations and parallels between DMT and NDEs (near-death experiences).

Is my donation tax-deductible?


How do you choose locations to launch an expedition from?

The DMTx team stays up to date on the rapidly shifting legal landscape of psychedelics. The team assesses locations for legality, safety and comfort. Making sure that expeditions will meet everyone’s needs in a safe and legal environment.

What’s your goal?

Our intention is to develop new psychedelic-assisted clinical therapies, develop advanced creative problem solving protocols, explore consciousness and the psyche, to try to define the “realness” of the experience, and to potentially develop a medical device, the “Matrix Machine” (a term invented by Dr. Gallimore) that can be used to safely and effectively administer DMTx experiences by a trained DMTx technician.